Charles and Deanie

Charles and Deanie
" We are going to loose weight"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight Loss Update~

We are getting very close to the 1st. day of February. I am going to began a new way of eating again. I have been ill with my back. It is Lower Lumbar pain that I have been having for much too long now! The problem also causes me to have a lot of leg pain and feet and leg cramps during the day time and when I am sleeping and turn over they cramp. I call them "Charlie Horses." They will literally get you up out of bed to get them from cramping, walking around helps. I visited my family doctor last Monday and he ordered an MRI for my back. I went yesterday "Tuesday" for the test. I will go to my doctor Monday, January 30, 2012. Hopefully I can get some relief from the pain. He told me that I may be able to get the Epidural Shots for pain. I will probably have to wait to get an appointment for the Specialist to do this for me. We will just have to wait and and see what can be done! I do nor want back surgery!!
In the meantime I am on a low dose of prednisone to help with the discomfort.

So I will be starting a weight loss diet next Monday. That is the January 30, 2012. I have been reading up on the book that I have called "The Makers Diet" By a well known writer. It is a lot like the diet that is called The Flat Belly Diet. My husband and I both lost 25 Lbs. each two years ago on it. It has a lemon, ginger and cucumber drink in it that I learned to like. I did not like it at first. I beleave we should all drink a full 8 oz. glass or bottle of water before our meals. It not only helps to fill us up, it also aids in digestion of our food!

I am having a 50 year High School Reunion this year. It may be in July. So, that gives me around five month to loos some much needed pounds. I like to loose my weight with eating healthier and cutting back on the foods that keep me fatter. That word is even hard to write down as well as it is to say.
I still believe that the new motto that I found last year, or maybe it was two years ago. Anyway is this Eat to live, not live to Eat! I am posting a picture of us at Christmas. I weigh 170 Lbs now. I have not gained much of mine back, but I have not lost any more eather!