Charles and Deanie

Charles and Deanie
" We are going to loose weight"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Weighed this morning~

This picture was taken this month!

This morning before I got up for the day, my Charles weighed and then went to help our son with some home improvement jobs that he needed help to do. So it was evening before I heard how he had done with his weight loss.

I stepped on thoae scales with dread this morning because I had a feeling that I had not lost any more weight. I was correct about that too. I weighed the very same that I have for the passed two months. As soon as Charles got home this evening, he said, well I did not fare very well on loosing weight again this month. I interupted him by saying that I did not eather. He said that is ok, we can contenue to try harder this next month. Tomorrow is another day! Right? I said yeah,,just look at the pounds that we have lossed already!! We are at a stand-still at a plateau so to speak. We have managed to not gain any of it back and that is a plus! Tomorrow is a new month and we will loose pounds in October!!! I want to loose ten more pounds by Christmas and the New Year!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Journey To A Healthy Weight: Deanie's and Charlie's Weightloss Journey~

Journey To A Healthy Weight: Deanie's and Charlie's Weightloss Journey~: "My husband and I started on our weightloss journey together last January. We really did not get very serious about it until April 2010! A ..."

Tomorrow is Weigh In Day~

On the 30th. day of each month is the day we have designated as the day that we weigh ourselves.

Here is my prayer:

Our Father, our most gracious God, thank You that I can come to You in thanksgiving and with the desires of my heart too. It is my desire to honor You in everything that I do. I want to honor You from the time I awake until I fall asleep at night. Then may I have precious dreams of doing Your will in my life, even as I sleep.
Tomorrow is the day we weigh ourselves and I know You will be with us, as You are in everything that we strive to accomplish in our lives. Thank You for your son Jesus, in whose name I pray and for His glory, not mine Lord. Amen

Deanie's and Charlie's Weightloss Journey~

My husband and I started on our weightloss journey together last January. We really did not get very serious about it until April 2010!

A Prayer For Weight Loss

Father God, I come to you in the precious name of Jesus that you will perform a miraculous healing in my life concerning my desire to lose weight. Thank you Lord that nothing is impossible with you and that you can help take away my desire to overeat and fill the voids within me that cause me to seek food as a substitute.

Lord, touch my mind right now, help me to see what causes me to overeat, give me a strong desire to want to take care of my body and see it as you do Lord. Help me to make the right food choices and touch my mind with creativity concerning food and what I eat. May I be restored to divine health again.

As I strive to do this Lord, please bless all within me - my cells, and my metabolism - that they will function properly so I can lose the weight. And let me take it one day at a time and not worry about anything else but the cares of the day that I woke up to.

Thank you Father for loving me enough to help me through this.


July 30, 2010 at 9:35pm

Today is the 30th. of the month and the day that my husband and I weigh ourselves. We do not weigh any other time, unless we go to the doctor's office. The last time I visited thr doctors office I told the nurse I did not want to know, because we only weigh once a month! You can not go by their scales anyway because it weighs you about 10 lbs. more than other scales do! I am so pleased to report that we have both lost another four pounds this month! Yeah!! This makes a total loss of 25 lb. for my husband and a total loss of nineteen lbs. for me! I would not have been surprised if we had not lost any or maybe gained some because of July being so busy with all of the activities we have been involved in that included eating foods not on our low fat diet!

August 1, 2010 at 12:24am

We have been trying to loose since the first of the year, but we really got serious about it the first of April when I bought the Flat Belly Diet Book. We started drinking the sassy water before breakfast and lunch. Not the evening meal, though it would not hurt anything.

I just noticed that my numbers do not match up with what I have reported here last time! I thought I had lost 15 lbs. by last month, it must have been 16 lbs. instead. Anyway I would not fib about that, you know!! So I guess I have lost a total of 20 not 19 lbs. We still have a long ways to go! We are trying real hard this time! It is time to have my cholestrol levels checked again. I will let you know if the diet change and weight loss has helped there!

September 2, 2010 at 12:06am

Well, we did not try hard enough this last month to loose our pounds for the month! My husband seemed to think that he gained a pound and I stayed at the same place!

So, we are back at it again this month of September!

I want to loose another five pounds this month and another five next month!! We are still trying to eat healthy and cut back on our portion sizes.

September 21, 2010 at 11:37pm

I have been trying so very hard to loose some more weight this month. We weigh only once a month so it is getting real close to the time when we will be weighing again, less than 10 days I think. I do not want to stop loosing yet as I am still too heavy for my height. I have been eating only vegetables, lean meat and fruit. Well I do put fat free sour cream on my chicken and lettuce sandwiches. So there is mostly no fat in my diet except the good fat like the kind that is in olives. The omega three fats are the best to eat as they are heart healthy. One can eat too many of them to loose weight though. I have to be sure to eat smaller size portions of the food containing them.

I get so hungry in the evening time when I should not eat anything. Our son brought us some apples from their tree so I think I will go eat some more fruit. I really do want a cracker with cheddar cheese! ;(