Charles and Deanie

Charles and Deanie
" We are going to loose weight"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here is My Update About Our Weightloss for November~

Seasons Greetings to you all!! This is the very best time of the year. It is when we are preparing to celebrate our Savior's birth over 2000 years ago. This story is as great as the first time I ever heard it. Maybe I will post the story here for all of us to enjoy!! We must celebrate Him in our hearts and lives every day, not just at Christmas time!!!

I have not been here for a little while. I wanted to report on our weight loss or the lack of it! :~0

We weighed on the 1st. of December, simply because we have been so busy with shopping for Christmas gifts that we forgot about weighing on the 30 day of the month,,,Now that is not good! Right? We have been eating out alot when we are out shopping too!
I have lost another pound, but Charles has stayed at the same for several weeks. I beleave that makes a total of 22 pounds lost for me this year! I have come down from 179 lbs. I am finding a lot of new clothes in my closets that I used to wear,,,but got too big for them.
I know most folks get rid of everything, but I do not,,,

I will see ya again soon I hope!!!

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